Wednesday, August 26, 2009

with some time passed since my last entry, i present a few more photographs from the showing. these were provided by matthijs jansen, photographer for id11.

henning plays "our house" as the audience wanders towards our house

jasmine, henning, and the audience watch the video version of jasmine projected on the wall

the audience watch jasmine's film on the ceiling; allison's eye watches the room in her piece

the gathering after the showings are through

Thursday, August 13, 2009

from our showing!

some photographs taken by id11's photographer during our house's showing

far left: the audience watches in the dark bike closet the video on the roof that jasmine filmed

left: me taking a moment in allison's piece

below: allison performs her choreography in a piece linked to the one pictured on the left

left: from within the small closet, jasmine's hand peeks out into the crowded room

below: me in allison's piece

Saturday, August 8, 2009

We lived together, schooled together, studied together, worked together and stood in front of a blue wall ... together(yeha)!

shot and posted by henning

crunch time

Netherlands – Delft – 12:53h – blog time

I'm having a cup of pickwick's green tee. A beverage my friends would consider rather rare to find silently boiling in front of me. I'm a coffee addict. Something my doctor keeps complaining about and my former director would have called 'a good boy'. Trying to be healthy, that is. With so many dancers around me being all flexible, in shape, eating healthy and sh... (should work on my language – sorry). This weekend will acquire a lot of work, effort and awakeness to accomplish our goal of shooting Jasmine's movie, putting the furniture into Merryn's closet (which would be Jasmine), putting the final finesse in Allison's piece and getting my untrained, out of shape old bum up on the roof. Caffeine needed, for sure! So green tea seemed to be the right choice.

We don't need to worry, though, 'cause today Jolanda brought over a cricket. I assume it is a lucky one, even though I did not run across the highway holding the cricket to prove my assumption. That wouldn't have proven much, anyways, concerning the dutch acceleration temperament. Still, it's a lucky one, although it has a temper. It is … complaining ... much. Standing on the cupboard, doing knee bends, stretching it's head up high, shouting … one gets the impression it must be of Canadian decent.


Just now, three shoes were thrown in my general direction. Canadians^^! Sis is eksaktly se riesson wai ai schuud noot wörk in ä kommuunitii in wwitsch ai äm ä minorätii. Just kidding. The girls are lovely, working hard and highly understanding ... me being an artistically uneducated, second language speaking, not used to creating beautiful art all day, German-man in Delft. But I think I need to get going, 'cause the girls seem to be indecisive whether or not they should put me in a not big enough box. If I want to have a say in this, as well, I should maybe be part of the deciding process. So, fare thee well, eat drink and be merry(n)!


by henning

Friday, August 7, 2009

a lovely note from a reader

this dear note came to me via email from jasmine, sent from a very sweet reader and friend:

"I am so pleased to have followed this project and to feel connected to the process. I have eagerly been awaiting this final post and look forward to seeing the pictures and the video clip.
I can only imagine the scene with musician hanging out a window, projected images and people cramped in small places. I am sorry you were unable to film Jasmine in the closet segment but look forward to whatever gets put together. It reminds me of the Dance Fest in Rotterdam, as any site specific work, it is temporary fleeting, in the moment, unique never again to be repeated exactly; especially when the audience's presence shapes and alters the context so much. Congratulations to all and rest well. With Gratitude,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

henning on the 'line. i snuck this shot; i don't think he knows i have it.
henning:"Are there any other shots I don't know of?"

and some pictures from the artist drink after our showing